Wisdom Teeth Swelling Removal Surgery Guide

The removal surgery of wisdom teeth is somewhat complicated as well as painful. So, if you are going to experience wisdom teeth removal, you need to get to know about the pre and post instructions. Usually, the post instructions are considered more important. The people may feel fear or worry after wisdom teeth swelling, which is occurred after wisdom teeth removal. You need to know that it’s a sort of natural process and there is nothing dangerous in it. All you need is little care for its fast recovery. All the necessary details are discussed about the complications of wisdom teeth removal and the effective ways to minimize the wisdom teeth swelling is discussed in detail.

Immediate instructions to follow after wisdom teeth removal surgery

  • In wisdom teeth removal surgery, usually a gauze pad is placed inside, you don’t need to mislay it from the surgical area for approximately about an hour or as directed by your physician. After that specific time period, you need to remove the pad out of your mouth.
  • Touching the surgical area of your mouth is not recommended at all for the reason that it can increase the wisdom teeth swelling.
  • It is recommended to take rest for a few days and don’t continue your routine activities immediately after the removal surgery as in normal cases, your cheeks are swallowed and you need to take rest.
  • As you start feeling pain, don’t neglect to take the medications for pain, as directed by your doctor.

What to expect after wisdom teeth removal?

As mentioned above, wisdom teeth removal surgery can be hurtful so you need to take care of each and every minor thing. You can experience bleeding, pain and wisdom teeth swelling in normal cases.

Experiencing pain or sometimes severe pain is a sort of normal thing after wisdom teeth removal surgery. But utmost care should be taken in this regard. You don’t have to take the painkillers by your own instead ask your doctors to direct to the right prescription if you experience pain.

If you experience bleeding subsequent to surgery, don’t worry for the reason that it is a sort of normal thing. If you are experiencing excessive bleeding, you are recommended to place a gauze pad again for a few minutes. Also, you need to remove the blood clots with time for hygiene issues. You need to put pressure with the assistance of gauze pad, directly on the area of surgery, to stop bleeding.

wisdom teeth swelling

How to reduce wisdom teeth swelling effectively?

As a matter of fact, nobody likes to have swallowed cheeks as it gives you a sort of horrible look, apart from jokes. However, the wisdom tooth swelling is a common thing but here is a good news for you that you can follow a few instruction to control the swelling. But it is also recommended that if you experience swelling for more than normal days, you need to rush to your doctor instead of trying diverse remedies at home. Following are a number of things that are recommended for you to minimize wisdom teeth swelling.

Reducing wisdom teeth swelling after surgery

First method: Apply heat or cold

A number of oral surgeons place ice packs inside your mouth, after wisdom teeth extraction, while sending them to home. There are a number of controversies about this but the most important thing is that placing the ice pack won’t hurt you so you need to try this method. The reason is that a number of patients reported very positive results about this.

On the other hand, wisdom teeth swelling can also be reduced by applying heat with some help of something like cotton pad etc. Applying heat to the cheeks has been proven the most effective way to reduce the wisdom teeth swelling in minimum time. You need to take care of a few things like don’t utilize the both the things at the same time but do it in right time accordingly.

Appropriate timings to do:

For the first 24 hours, it is recommended to place ice packs for 20 to 30 minutes and remove for the same time period. You can repeat the process at suitable time intervals.

In 24 to 48 hours after wisdom teeth extraction, placing ice packs are not recommended at all.

Heat must not be applied immediately after wisdom teeth extraction surgery. As swelling is experienced after some time of surgery, so it is highly recommended to never apply heat before 48 hours of the surgery has been passed.

Second method: Keep the head held high position

Literally, you need to place your head high, after the surgery. In this way, you make the gravity one of your best friends as it will help you to flow down the excess fluid to bloodstream from your back as well as cheeks. If you have ever experience wisdom tooth surgery, you probably have noticed that after you wake up having a good sleep, your cheeks are felt more swollen. This is the major reason behind that gravity doesn’t help you to minimize the swollen cheeks, when you don’t keep your head high as compared to your body. It will be definitely a very good idea to minimize the wisdom teeth swelling in short time period.

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