How Many Teeth Do Cats Have? Questions Related with your Dear Pet

How many teeth do cats have

How many teeth do cats have?

Cat lovers and owners are fond of cuddling their little lively pets all the time. The following discussion will provide an insight into the various questions that might be hovering in their minds. Things like how many teeth do cats have, are their teeth dangerous, how are they similar to humans and many more similar queries, will be answered after you have read through this writing.

Pets are very precious and loveable creations in a person’s life. They hold a special place in our hearts and minds. People who have pets keep them close to themselves and are fond of caring for them all the time.

Cats are one of the most adorable and commonly kept household pets all around the world. With various types and species of this cuddly animal, it is up to your own choice and preference which you want to keep. Like all pet owners, cat lovers also have a number of questions in their minds. Especially if you are a new owner, you would generally like to know about a lot of things.

Teeth is a very commonly sort after topic related with pets especially cats. Many people are curious about how many teeth do cats have and other such insights into their oral cavity. Learning about these questions is a gradual process. Most pet owners read and find out information about their cats and other animals through books, pet consultants and internet. You do not have to become an expert in a day. Keep the process gradual and steady.

How Many Teeth Do Cats Have

A cat’s teeth are very important part of its body. They are precious for your animal and as such you need to get all the vital information about them. Below are some important questions and their answers which will help you enhance your informational databank.

· Do the cats have teeth when they are born?

When a kitten is born, there are no teeth in its mouth. This trait is similar to that of its human owners. The kittens are very cute and cuddly in their early ages after birth. Being toothless they mostly survive of milk and other liquids for nutrition. They do not get any teeth till the time they become 20 to 21 days old.

· When do cats get their first teeth?

As soon as they reach their fourth week, you will be able to see the small pointed teeth coming out of their tiny gums. When they are six weeks old, the kitten will have almost 26 teeth in all. These will be called the milk teeth.

· Are the cat’s milk teeth permanent?

Just like humans, the first teeth that a kitten gets are not permanent. They are shed off when the cat gets a little older. Later on the next permanent set of teeth are grown. These will stay with the cat for their entire life span.

· What is the difference in a cat’s permanent and temporary teeth?

As a baby, the cat does not have molar teeth. They are only grown with the coming of the permanent set of teeth.

· How many teeth do cats have at this kitten stage?

In general, a kitten will have the following break up of teeth:

  •  Incisors - 12
  •  Premolars - 10
  •  Canines - 4

The premolars are 6 on the top and 4 on the bottom while the canines are divided as two each on top and bottom.

· What happens as the adult teeth come out in cats?

When the cats reach the age of 3 to 4 months, their milk teeth start falling off. This is not an unusual phenomenon, so do not get worried. It is quite common and normally occurs in all types of cats. Just like humans, the milk teeth will become looser and fall off. The new teeth will start growing from underneath the same place.

· Should you be worried about your cat at this point?

The answer is no. You do not have to be worried about the cat but like human babies, cats also get itchy and irritating gums while they are teething. This causes them to chew on various objects unnecessarily. You should be careful about your belongings during this period. Your cat might also lose its appetite and become dull during this phase.

· How many teeth do cats have after permanent teeth grow?

This is a common question that most people must be thinking about right now. How many teeth do cats have after their milk teeth fall off? The answer is 30. Cats have 30 teeth when they become adult.

· What are the types of teeth that cats have in adulthood?

The 30 teeth that cats have are divided into four different types. The various teeth help in chewing different types of foods and meats. The breakup of the full composition of adult set of teeth in a cat is given below:

  •  Molars - 4
  •  Canines - 4
  •  Premolars - 10
  •  Incisors - 12

Unlike the kitten phase, the cat now has molars that allow it to chew even the hardest of meats and other food products.

· What are the functions of cat teeth?

Humans have the similar number of teeth like cats. Cats have 30 teeth while humans have 32. Humans use their teeth to chew food and objects. Cats on the other hand use their teeth to chop and grind the food.

The bottom line on how many teeth do cats have

These were some vital and critical questions regarding a cat’s teeth and teething process. Next time someone asks you how many teeth do cats have you should immediately answer 30!

All cat owners and lovers should know about such significant details about their lovable and cuddly friends. It helps understand the moods and emotions of your friend a little more than normal.

During the teething period be watchful of the irritating behavior of the pet and help it calm down by providing convenient soft toys and chewable objects to the cat.

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