How Long Does it Take for Metformin to Work? – Complete Diet

How Long Does it Take for Metformin to Work

How Long Does it Take for Metformin to Work? - Complete Diet

There are many people in the world which are using Metformin to control diabetes because there lifestyle and diet is not enough to control glucose in the blood. It is a good medicine to control the level of sugar and human body even after taking the meal. It is given to patients in oral medication form. In any diabetic patient, it is used to increase the efficiency of insulin. It is also recommended by doctors to pregnant ladies who have diabetes before conceiving and also during pregnancy. It is also given to patients having conditions other than diabetes. Doctors have the view that the medicine is slow release.

Why Take Metformin?

In most of the ladies having type 2 diabetes and diabetes during pregnancy, it is not possible to lower the glucose level in blood only through exercise and proper diet. Medication is necessary for such ladies. If the diabetes is not under control then no doubt it can cause serious complications in pregnancy and childbirth. Most of the consultants recommend Metformin to such parents. Other doctors first recommend glucose control through diet and when the glucose level reaches a target level then they start giving Metformin to the patient.

When to take Metformin?

It is your doctor that will suggest you when you have to take Metformin. Some doctors recommend taking it one time during the day and some recommend to take before every meal. The most workable and efficient are to take it in the morning with your breakfast.

How Much Time Metformin Take to Effect?

Metformin takes some time to build up with your body system. Most of the women who have less resistance to insulin see the improvement in the level of glucose in the blood very quick. In some patients, the medicine starts showing its result in weeks. Sometimes to see the difference and improvement increased dose is required.

What to do if Metformin does not show any effect?

If you blood sugar level do not get control with Metformin, any proper diet, and exercise then the doctors recommend insulin which is very useful to take the level of glucose in blood back to normal. The patient must not be disheartened if it does not show the result. Once you proceed in your pregnancy then you will become more resistant to insulin and less insulin will be required to control the level of sugar in blood. To get proper knowledge of insulin and its dosage you can consult your doctor.

What are the common Side effects of Metformin?

Most of the people don’t show any type of side effect while taking Metformin. In pregnant ladies, it can show some side effects like nausea, cramps, loose stool, and sometimes stomach gets upset. Some patients also show these symptoms when they start taking Metformin. After sometimes the medicine set up with your body and then it stops showing side effects. When the patient takes an increased dose it also shows some side effects like this.

If the side effects continue more than a week then it is better to consult your medical team immediately. They will suggest you to stop taking Metformin or sometimes they will reduce its dosage. Some patients can not tolerate side effects so as alternative insulin is given to them through injections.

Who to Lessen the Side Effects of Metformin?

If you want to lessen the side effects of this medicine then it is better to take the medicine with food or after taking the food. The best results of Metformin can be achieved if you take it in the middle of any of your meal. It is better to take a low dose of Metformin in the start. You can slowly increase it as the time passes. Do not do it all yourself but make sure you have consulted your doctor before doing this and your doctor is well aware of your health.

The Huge Size of Metformin Tablet

In the market, you will find many brands of Metformin and some of them are huge-sized tablets. Most of the ladies complain that it is difficult for them to swallow it. There are also smaller tablets available in the market and you can also ask the pharmacist to provide you small tablets. You can also visit different dispensaries. Metformin is also available in liquid form but not every doctor prescribes it. If you fell any problem in swallowing it then it is better to discuss this issue with your doctor or your diabetic health professional.

Can You Take Normal Diet after Using Metformin?

Never consider Metformin as a magical medicine which can cure gestational diabetes instantly. It is better to take proper Gestational diet along with exercise after taking this medicine. This medicine will help your body to utilize the insulin in a better and proper way. Always remember that you are ensuring resistant and once you start taking poor food and sugar drinks the level of glucose in your blood increases again with a high level. While taking this medicine it is better to take more substantial food so that you can get more energy and better results.

Insulin and Metformin can be taken together

Yes, it happens often when doctors give insulin along with Metformin. It is the initial medicine to lower the level of level of glucose in the blood but if it is not enough to do so then insulin is injected along with this medicine. When they are used alongside then it means that less amount of insulin is required to achieve the result. Taking a mix of both is better as compared to taking insulin alone.

Metformin is safe for patient and baby during pregnancy. It has been proven by National Diabetes Guidelines after giving this medicine to the pregnant lady with gestational diabetes. Metformin never drops the level of sugar in blood so low that it becomes a life threatening. If the level of sugar in blood drops then the liver will store it and release it in your blood stream whenever it happens so.

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