How Long Can Formula Sit Out – The Safety Guide

How long can Formula Sit out

How long can Formula Sit out – the Safety Guide

Preparing your baby’s formula milk is not a daunting task but it is important to mix the exact amount of it with water so that right amount of nutrients can reach to your baby. The important thing that you have to consider is to take some careful precautions while preparing it so that your baby doesn’t get foodborne illness because the babies don’t have a strong immunity system to fight with germs. In this article, we are going to tell you how long can formula milk sit out and some important information regarding formula milk. Keep reading to save your baby from any illness related to formula milk.

Before coming to the question mentioned above it is important to take precautionary steps to prepare your baby’s formula milk because if you will not so it can not sit out for long period. Here we will give you complete guide about all the steps that should be taken before preparing it. Let’s have a look.

How long can Formula Sit out

Carefully Check the Expiration date on the Pack

All the containers of formula milk available in the USA have a “use by” date on them same like it is present on any perishable commodity. Always take a few seconds to check this date before making a purchase. No doubt it is difficult if you are holding your fussy baby and you just grab the can and go out but checking this date is more important for your baby’s health. If you have bought the milk in a bulk then it is important to check the date every time you open a new pack.

One you are able to establish the feeding routine of your baby then you can make the estimation about the amount of milk your baby finishes before the expiration date. Make sure the can don’t have any dent because it is possible that it can have a damaged protective layer inside and once coming in contact with steel it can form rust which can spoil the milk.

Mix an Amount that you can use within 24 Hours

You got an idea how much formula milk your baby needs in a day so prepare only that amount which can be used within 24 hours. Once you have mixed the powder or concentrated liquid milk you have to refrigerate it immediately. Never place it outside to cool it as you must have to use it within 24 hours. If your baby is unable to finish the bottle in one hour then immediately toss it and never put it back in the milk you have kept in the fridge. Bacteria are now present in the bottle and they can contaminate the milk. It will surely make your baby ill if you give it to him again. If you want to save your time and money then it is important to mix a large amount in the morning and then you can divide it in there or four bottles with 3 to 4 ounces milk in each bottle. Then you can refrigerate it immediately.

Keep it in a Cool Place

The best temperature for bacteria to replicate in formula milk is the room temperature. Feed you baby with slightly warm formula milk. Don’t overheat it and make sure to toss over the milk that has been placed at room temperature for more than one hour. If you want to take out your baby’s milk along with him it is important to pack it in an insulated container possibly with ice cubes with it to keep it cool.

The Exact Time Period

It is the most important thing to keep the bottles in a refrigerator to prevent them from bacteria. You must have to throw out any mixed formula after 24 hours and any ready to feed formula after 48 hours.

You also have to discard any mixed or ready to feed formula that has been placed out for more than one hour. You ca never offer you’re the leftover formula milk again to your baby at any cost. Since last feeding, numerous bacteria can form in it which can make your baby sick.

How to Report any Contamination Problem

It occasionally happens that any formula milk came up with contamination but it is good if you keep up with product recalls. If you have any complaint regarding formula milk then you can immediately report the problem to any FDA Program Online. You ca also hand over the contaminated can to them so that a report can be established about the product and manufacturer. You can also report your problems to the manufacturers. All the cans of formula milk come with a toll-free number printed on them.

The Symptoms of Illness due to Formula Milk Mistreatment

Most of the food-borne illness came with symptoms like Diarrhea and vomiting. If any baby is experiencing such condition you immediately have to call the doctor. Such sickness is very serious in babies and sometimes these two symptoms can lead to kidney failure, dehydration. In most severe cases death can happen.

The Important Points to Prepare Formula Milk

To kill all the germs it is important to wash the bottles with a brush and soap through proper scrubbing. It is important to sanitize the bottles including spoon, nipples and measuring cups. Most of the doctors have a view that it is no need if water safety in your area is questionable. On heating bottles, a chemical named BPA is released. So you can not recycle and microwave these bottles. You can replace your bottles with stainless steel.

Wash your hands properly with soap before preparing formula milk for your baby. Dry your hands completely with a clean towel. Reading the mixing instructions is very important and every manufacturer has different instruction. Read them carefully before preparing them no matter you are using a powder formula milk of a liquid one. If you add little water than it can effect on the kidney of your baby and can cause dehydration. Adding to much water will make it dilute and lessen the number of nutrients.

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