EMDR Therapy Side Effects | EMDR Therapy Works OR Not?

What is EMDR Therapy?

Here in this article, we will discuss EMDR Therapy Side Effects and How does it work. EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. EMDR is a treatment method that often used when someone is suffering from a traumatic event. This can be done after a robbery, rape, natural disaster or plague experience. It may be the only intervention (often at one-time trauma as a robbery) or part of a therapy in which a full range is applied to interventions (e.g., people with past abuse). The application of EMDR in recent years expanded to other mental health problems such as low self-esteem or a panic disorder. It is essential that there is a clearly identifiable memory of one or more events that led to the complaints.

Francine Shapiro discovered EMDR. She came by chance found out that when she was distracted while thought, the emotional charge eventually fell to a severe adverse event and she found it for less to thinking back. After that, the treatment is developed and studied.

Everyone processed traumatic experiences in a different way. The duration of recovery after a traumatic event varies by person. Sometimes it remains someone suffer like symptoms such as flashbacks, nightmares, difficulty concentrating, jumpiness and insomnia after trauma. EMDR can help the natural process to relaunch.

If EMDR Therapy Is Applied?

Particularly in post-traumatic stress disorder and other trauma-related anxiety. These are problems that have arisen as a directthe result of a bad or violent event, which thought it still evokes an emotional response.

EMDR Therapy Works?

The effects of EMDR have been extensively studied. The conclusions of this research show that the effect is significant. Especially when it comes to a single trauma (trauma after a one-time event), several sessions are sometimes sufficient to get rid of the symptoms. In people who have experienced prolonged trauma or complex issues takes therapy longer. Often you after therapy that memories provide less emotional charge and you also will suffer less; herb Elvin gen and the nightmares subside, you sleep better and feel calmer.

EMDR Therapy Side Effects

Two Types Of Trauma

When a type 1 trauma refers to a traumatic event which occurs once and is of short duration. The child is overwhelmed by the event and sometimes did not anticipate the possibility of what is to come. With sufficient support (foster) parents and family restore the child well. (1).In 10 to 20 percent of the cases holding the child after a period complaints. If there are any complaints after a month, there is an acute Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). There are still complaints after three months; then it is a chronic PTSD (2).

When a type 2 trauma events repeatedly place, such as domestic violence, mistreatment, and abuse. A child is thereby chronically exposed to unsafe situations. It can anticipate these events and develops avoidance reactions or try to suppress feelings. EMDR can be used in both types of trauma. The length of treatment can be different, in a type 2 trauma, there is more treatable.

How Does EMDR?

There is currently a lot of analysis on the mechanisms of EMDR. The most recent studies indicate evidence that it has to do with the operation of the short-term memory. A traumatic memory stored in your long-term memory, along with the emotional charge. (For example, if you think of the robbery, you feel immediately anxious and nauseous.) When asked during EMDR to think back to that particular event, you bring the memory back into your short-term (or working) memory. However, the potential of this memory is short. Because at the same time you are given a distracting stimulus (eye movements or clicks through headphones), there is not enough space and the memory image, and the emotional charge. The emotional charge will therefore reduce, or the picture less sharp. So again stored in your long term memory so you'll have fewer problems.


Not only because of the burden that you have straight away. Often you continue to suffer in many areas of old traumas. For children is even more harmful because they are of bad events have low self-esteem, which may, in turn, influence the further development. It is important to do something about the problems as soon as possible so that children can resume their healthy growth. After EMDR they often need therapy to develop new strategies. They need to learn that their old way of dealing with fearful situations healthier.

EMDR Therapy Side Effects?

Often you will have trouble following a session of some " EMDR Therapy Side Effects." There may then come up images and feelings, and you can get some feel unstable. This lasts no longer than three days. Afterward, there is a new balance arise. Only then can be evaluated the effect has been to the EMDR session. EMDR can have side effects. Susanna: "If you get a trauma, you do not know what you disconnect. The process starts with EMDR and going until the image is not anxious anymore.You can get there drained and get all kinds of bodily sensations, such as nausea or vomiting. You need at least a few days before you can have another treatment. That also depends on on the age and type of trauma off. "Most foster children can be helped with EMDR and that it is important for foster children to handle trauma. "Preferably as growing as possible so that the child's development is not disturbed too much."

EMDR Therapy's Experience

Well, I've had only one treatment, but which was excellent I must say.On to the next one I get next week, I'm certainly very hopeful

Greetings Jermen

Today I had the 2 nd session of EMDR therapy. Very serious terrible things that you thought to have closed again to pick up and again plenty to go through but it works healing myself think. Are unwise tired when I come, heaviness in my head but I'm going through things that a lot of my anxiety/panic comes from and my feelings for wanting to have such control over everything. If it keeps going, then I look forward to the optimistic.

Greetings Jermen

Now was morning again to EMDR therapy the third time and again a revelation to me. I come to the somehow more insights as so striking with cognitive therapy certainly does. Now just headaches but that schjint to be a side effect of EMDR, drained it does take unwise many of you. It's a half hour, but you feel that you have a day worked hard. Towards so this round let you next time settle and then March 16 again.

Greetings Jermen

I do not think I am as I completed the EMDR but I've been able to break old patterns a lot on the right track and can start building a life without any obstacles in my backpack. I think that no therapy can completely rid of your fear is, and always self-unwise will have to fight hard to look better to commute.

Greetings Jermen
  • Note: Experience collected from EMDR Therapy Forum

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