Comprehensive Review Of 3 Day Military Diet Plan

3 Day Military Diet Plan

How many times have you come across the military diet plan on the internet? It has been getting quite a lot popular in the recent times. There are countless claims that are made regarding the 3 day military diet as well as the results it has to offer as far as weight loss is concerned. Many people have gone as far as calling this diet plan the magical solution to all weight loss problems! Of course, what is better than to lose up to 10 pounds of weight in merely 3 days’ time! The question here is whether this diet plan actually works?

Are you really able to lose up to 10 pounds in 3 days, technically which can be converted into 30 pounds in one month! For all those people who are questioning the effectiveness of this diet plan along with all who want to know so many things about it - this article holds all answers for you! From the actual diet plan, 3 day diet menu to everything else - you can find it all here.

Looking for ways to lose weight fast?

Weight loss is actually a very solid uphill battle that people have to face these days. Obesity and weight problems are increasing at an alarming rate. As a result you can find the internet flooded with diet plan, exercise regimes and lifestyle changes - all in effort to help shed the extra weight off! Interestingly, this is the same time when 3 day military diet has surfaced as a miracle solution to all weight problems! The question here of course is does the military diet work? Really work?

Good news is that so far the military diet has actually been getting much positive feedback from the people. This fad diet is directed towards all those people who want to shed off the extra layers of fat quickly. The great thing about this diet is the results; that appear sooner than you expect them to! Hence, you actually get the motivation to continue with the hard work and effort because you see the visible results right in front of your eyes. While all this diet plan asks from you is 3 precious days of your life, the results you get in return are something that you have been looking for a very long time.

3 Day Military Diet

Highlight features of 3 day military diet

There are have been many speculations on the internet, along with all praise and criticism for this diet plan, that there is a military diet substitution that is available and is more effective. But is this the reality? It does not seem likely because the things that this diet plan has to offer are definitely one step ahead in the weight loss game. So, let’s begin talking about the amazing 3 day military diet plan. We know that this diet plan promises visible weight loss results in merely 3 days. The question again that arises at this point is whether it fulfills its promises? The answer is most certainly yes because there have been over hundreds of people who have reported of positive results after going through this diet plan.

The name of this diet suggests that it has something to do with the forces; military, army or navy etc. Interestingly, there is no truth in this. However, there is much similarity in the fact that both this diet and military work on one principle - discipline. So let’s take a look at the most distinctive and highlight features of this diet plan.

1. Low in calories

The first thing that should be made crystal clear about this fad diet is that it is certainly LOW in calorie count. When you eat more, you consume more calories as a result of which your body gets the signals to store the excess as fat layers. These excess calories are the ones that your body does not need in reality and does not require to use it in energy form. The first highlight feature of the 3 day diet is that it is low in calorie count. You consume less because you eat less and thus the body does not get any false signals to store any body fat. In case of inadequate supply of calories, the body turns towards the stored calories (body fat) and burns it off to use it as energy.

2. Similar to intermittent fasting

Though there is a proper meal plan that includes several portions of food multiple times a day and allows many cheat foods/drinks as well (as it will be discussed later in the article), one does not simple realize that this diet is actually somewhat much similar to intermittent fasting. You are practically eating all day but it is almost translated into eating nothing at all. This creates increased insulin sensitivity in the body. This is why your body begins to break down the stored fat molecules and start uses it as energy, in absence of proper nourishment.

3. Boosts metabolic rate of body

Another highlight of this diet plan is the fact that it includes all foods that bare thermogenic in nature. Hence, all the foods on the menu for this diet have the ability of boosting the metabolic rate of the body. Higher metabolic activity means you burn more number of calories in considerably less amount of time. This is when a lot of people question it because most of the foods that are included on this diet plan are very light and low in calories count. That is actually the whole point. You eat food of lower calorie count but fool your body into believing you have taken a full meal as a result of which your body begins to burn off the calories at a normal and standard pace. This is how the excess fat is burned off.

Do crash diets like 3 day military diet plan actually work?

This brings us to the question of whether these fad diets are actually effective or is all of this noise going around for absolutely no reason? With hundreds and thousands of people struggling to lose weight all around the world, anything that sounds like ‘weight loss’ is literally no less than music to the ears. Interestingly, while there is an entire list of crash diets that have come and gone with practically making no space for themselves; the same cannot be said about this 3 day diet plan. This diet plan is definitely one of those fad diets that work miraculously.

Does 3 day military diet mean you have to starve yourself?

There is a rumor that you will find on the internet that claims that a 3 day diet plan means you starve yourself to death to lose weight so quickly. This is not true at all. A 3 day diet plan is actually the smart way of shedding the extra weight. You consume around 3000 calories in totality over a period of 3 days. However, these 1000 calories per day are very smart and calculated well. So instead of feeling starved and drawn out, you actually begin to feel more energetic as your metabolic rate fires up.

Do you only lose water weight on 3 day military diet plan?

There is another misconception about this fad diet that the weight that you lose on this diet plan is actually water weight. Technically speaking, these reports claim that the weight you shed following this diet is the water from your body and not the excess fat layers. Surprisingly, these claims are shocking and strongly rejected by all experts. The weight that you shed on this diet is definitely fat and not water. You burn the calories by restricting the amount of calories you intake per day. However, this leads to the question that if this is the case where did the myth or idea that you lose water weight and not fat originate from! The truth is that on a normal diet you consume salt which makes water retain inside the body and this definitely shows on the scale and on your body. Similarly, when you control your food intake you also limit the amount of salt you consume on daily basis. As a result, you lose the water weight for sure but this does not mean that is the only thing you are losing! You actually lose fat more than the water weight. So given the number 10 pounds in 3 days, you will be losing 8 pounds of fat and 2 pounds of water weight. This is certainly fair enough!

Do you gain back the weight you lose post-military diet?

It is not possible neither is it advisable to stay on diet and starve yourself every single day for the rest of the life. But then of course you have to live with the fear of gaining it all back what you have lost with so much effort over the past several years. The good news is that you don’t gain the lost weight back post the military diet. Of course, you will need to watch what you eat and also engage in physical workouts every now and then to burn off the extra calories - but as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle you will surely be good to go!


Along with many other questions, there is a question about whether or not you will feel hungry on this da diet. The answer to this is simple - of course you will! Human beings are meant to feel hungry when they don’t eat junk or overeat. So it will be very wrong to blame it on this diet plan because you will feel hungry no matter which diet plan you are following. The 3 day military diet is no different.

Should you be exercising on the 3 day military diet?

It is actually hard to believe that a diet plan actually promises and delivers its promise by helping you losing up to 10 pounds of body weight in 3 days. What is even more hard to believe is that you actually lose this much body weight without having to worry about exercising or working out for hours. It may be shocking but the truth is that this diet plan does not ask you to engage in vigorous and physically challenging workouts every single day in order to lose the extra flab. There are two reasons for this.

Firstly, this 3 day diet plan is more like fasting for 3 full days. So you practically are eating near to nothing for 3 days s this completely knocks out the idea of burning what you are consuming. Secondly, this diet plan is so tough and cuts down on the calories count so drastically, that you actually begin to feel like you are dieting not for 3 days but for 3 years. So with this little energy, it is impossible to engage in cardio for an hour! This will only leave you fainted and on your way to the hospital post the workout session! Also, this diet is 100% effective and generates results without the aid of working out so what is the point of sweating like crazy after all!

3 day military diet is a solution for over-eaters

One of the top-most best things about this diet plan is that it is 3 days of eating practically everything and nothing at all. You actually get to eat multiple portions of different foods several times a day. There is no ingredient or taste i.e. salt, sour, sweet or carbs that is not part of the diet plan. However, the thing is that everything is very well there but in such controlled portions that instead of hearing it benefits you. So most certainly this diet plan is regarded a treat for the over-eaters who cannot simply resist eating every once in a while. This is such great news for all those people who actually stay away from diets and prefer to live with the excess weight because they can’t go to bed at night feeling deprived! With this diet plan, you no longer get the feeling of being deprived of your favorite things because your body is getting the complete dietary nourishment that it requires to have. You can actually search the web for hours on end but will never find a weight loss diet plan that actually permits you to eat serving of ice cream; with the exception of the 3 day military miracle diet of course!

3 Day Military Diet Plan Menu

You must have heard of the tales that when you wish to lose weight, you should be eating more times a day, only smaller meals. The 3 day diet does not believe in anything like that. Instead, it talks about a diet plan menu that comprises of 3 meals each day for 3 consecutive days. The portion size of each meal will also be smaller than what you are normally used to as you are cutting down the calorie count to merely 1000 calories per day! However, fortunately there are several reward foods and drinks that are also part of the diet. We will also talk about them in addition to the menu. But first, let’s categorize three meals per day for 3 days of diet.

​. Day 1

The following is the 3 meals per day division for day 1.

  • Breakfast

  • Lunch

  • Dinner

· Lunch also includes a cup of black tea or black coffee.

· The rules for tea and coffee are same as meal 1 of day 1.

· 1 full cup of tune fish.

· 1 wholegrain slice.

. Day 2

The following is the 3 meals per day division for day 2.

  • Breakfast

  • Lunch

  • Dinner

· Begin with black tea or black coffee.

· The rules for tea and coffee are same as meal 1 of day 1.

· 1 half banana.

· 1 full egg with the yolk prepared in any preferred way.

· 1 toast.

. Day 3

The following is the 3 meals per day division for day 3.

  • Breakfast

  • Lunch

  • Dinner

• 1 plate or cup of tuna fish

• 1 cup vanilla ice cream

• ½ banana

Note: It is important to remember that only vanilla ice cream is allowed because it contains the least amount of calories. The flavor cannot be substituted with any other flavor of choice.

Reward foods and drinks that are allowed

In addition to the complete diet plan that has been mentioned above, you can also take the liberty to enjoy the several foods and drinks that come as a free reward with the diet plan. There is no restriction on how much of the following things you can consume per day for 3 days. It frankly depends on how much you can digest because these foods and drinks are free and open to consume as much as you want to.

Reward Foods

· Celery

· Cucumber

· Lettuce

Reward Drinks

· Coffee

· Tea

· Herbal tea

. Plain water

Is there a day 4 of military diet?

Technically speaking there is no fourth day of diet. The diet plan is meant to last only 3 days and there should not be any fourth day. You will be consuming less than or almost 1000 calories per day for three days. You do not want to continue with the same routine for another few days because this way your body will become accustomed to starvation and you will stop burning the excess calories.

Hence, there is strictly NO fourth day of diet and there is most certainly no continuing the diet after the 3 days immediately rule applicable as well. Even if you want to continue with the diet more than 1 times in a month, it is best advised to try the diet for around 3 or 4 times in one month. However, each try should be made at least with a 7 to 10 days gap in between during which you should return back to consuming normal 1500 to 2500 calories per day.

3 Day military diet - Affordable for all!

When was the last time you heard about a diet that did not make you run to the super market to load on the food items you would need in the coming days? Surprisingly, this diet plan does not ask you to go bankrupt in effort to lose the excess weight. In fact, you can easily shed the extra flab by picking on the ingredients that are readily available in every kitchen on daily basis! If there would be a need to run to the supermarket to gather a few food items, believe us the wont cost you more than average as well!

3 Day Military Diet plan

Final WordS!

There is not a single doubt in the fact that this is most certainly a fad diet that works! While many people have found it very difficult to trust and comes on direct terms with this diet plan; the fact that it works amazingly for everybody who is struggling to lose weight can simply not be refuted Of course, it does appear to be a little crazy and scary at first to think that there is something as effective as a diet plan that will help you lose up to 10 pounds in merely 3 day times! That is practically 72 hours you are talking about. But the truth is that this diet works. Period! Hence, everyone who has been struggling with the excess weight for years now can finally find a way to deal with this problem once and for all.

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